National Poetry Month Challenge: Face To Face

Alright my people!!! The last day of April has arrived!! Wow…time is flying by…geez!!

Anyhoo…I enjoyed sharing my poems with you these past 30 days! I love writing poetry and I really need to do it more often especially since I have a third poetry book that I want to publish!

Without further adieu here is Poem 30!!

Stay Blessed….Stay Tuned!


Face me in the day
Love is your reflection

Convincing are the words you speak

As you tell your needs of affection

Stronger than all

Is my belief that you truly care

Face to face, in your features

I see the happiness you aspire to share

Face me in anger

To reflect the thoughts in your head

Speaking fearful words, not in truth

Trying to recapture my heart with lies instead

Face to face, in your features

I can read your intense desperation

Rekindling the love is your mind set

Read me to learn I need patience

One face hides behind a mask

The secret face I desire not

Deepening the wounds I have given

Making you release the pain you got

Reflecting in your face is a grin

A grin of revenge seen to my eye

Your planned actions I don’t know

For your face gives no definite reply

Copyright © 2012 by Yolanda Allen. All rights reserved worldwide. Poem from book Blues of A Sister

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