National Poetry Month Challenge: Is It Love…

Hey Peeps!! 

Here is poem 29! You ever been in a situation where you know you should leave but for whatever reason your desire for your relationship to go RIGHT outweighs your desire for a GREAT relationship…..what keeps you there? Most of the time we think its love but in actuality…it’s FEAR!

Stay Blessed….Stay Tuned!


I sit here wondering
What is wrong with me?

I know what you’re doing

Still whatever you say I believe

Late at night when you come home

I smell the scent of another woman’s perfume

Still I say nothing, pretending to be sleep

Watching you slowly sneak into the room

I don’t know why it never worries me

When you forget my birthday or our anniversary

Some people would say that there’s another woman

And I’d say, “He’s just a forgetful person”

But in the back of my mind I know what’s going on

I know it’s true what they say

Is it love that keeps me here?

Night after night, day after day

Putting up with your games

Thinking nothing has changed

But I know your love is gone

It’s probably best if I move on

Is it love that keeps me here?

By your side through thick and thin

Still being with you

Whether you lose or win

As I think about all the things you’ve done to me

All the names I’ve been called

What is keeping me here?

It’s not love at all

Copyright © 2012 by Yolanda Allen. All rights reserved worldwide. Poem from book Blues of A Sister

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